Attending online lectures
Posted by Mantas Liustikas on 2020-09-09 12:45
We strongly suggest that you download the app and always use it for online lectures.

If you are using computers at ISM campus you can find MS teams on your desktop. Just login to ISM computer with your credentials.

If you use your own computer and you don’t have MS teams, you can download it from here:

Open MS teams and write your ISM email address (

After that you will be redirected to ISM login site:

Enter your ISM email address ( and password.
These steps are only needed for the first time.

On the left you will see Teams icon and there you can find all your groups.

If professor have already started a lecture, you can easily join lecture by pressing join button.

Before joining don’t forget to switch off your microphone and webcam!

If you have any questions, just write an email

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