Knowledgebase : References
To get the reference, that tuition fee is paid (for declaration), please contact The reference will be issued within 3 working days.
When ordering a references that requires additional information, please specify in the comments section of [] the information you want to see in the reference. 
To get the reference for migration authorities, please contact international studies coordinator Simona Puidokienė (simona.puidokienė The reference will be issued within 3-5 working days.
If you need a specific reference and you can’t find the right one in [] system, please order a student status reference with the comment in comment section.
If you have ordered Transcript of records or Student record excerpt at the end of the semester, we need to warn you that as long as the teacher does not confirm that all grades from the current semester are entered, the subject may not be included in your...
Banks usually require you to present a student status reference with the dates of the semester. You can order it on [] by selecting “References” ->Studento statuso pažyma su a.k. ir semestro datomis.