How to connect to „eduroam“ WiFi network (Windows 7)
Posted by on 2017-09-13 14:39

Wireless connection configuration for Windows 7

Advantages of this configuration are that you have to do this only one time and after that you wont need to enter your login information everytime you connect to this wireless network when ISM Hotspot wireless network asks to identify every time you try to connect to it.

Press on „Connections“ icon and select „Open Network and Sharing Center


Select „Manage wireless networks


Press „Add“


Select „Manually create a network profile“


Enter the following:

Network nameeduroam
Security typeWPA-Enterprise
Encryption type – TKIP
Press „Next“


Select „Change connection settings“


Choose tab „Security“ and press „Settings...“


Deselect „Validate server certificate“ and press „Configure...“


Deselect „Automatically use my Windows logon name and password (and domain if any)“


Then „OK“ once more „OK“ and „Close

Press on balloon tip... 


Authentication windows will pop up:

Enter your username (staff members with, students with, external faculty members with and password.

If authentication fails you should check your password or additional settings.

Note: only ISM students, faculty, staff members and users that have authentication credentials can use wireless connection.

Please notify unissued errors to IT administrators in room 316