Printing System Instructions
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MyQ Printing System Instructions

To print a document, select MyQ Black/White in your computer to print a black and white copy, or MyQ Color for a colour copy.

To retrieve your document, go to any multifunction MyQ system printer and either enter your PIN code or swipe your card.

After you have successfully logged-in, the system menu will be displayed:

Press Print All to print all the jobs sent from computer.

My Jobs - shows the available jobs overview and already printed ones.

  • A (print icon) allows you to mark documents for printing and confirm with Print button. To delete printing jobs select jobs, press Options
    and then press MyQ Scan Finish Button(delete icon).To add printing jobs to Favorites select jobs, press Options and then press MyQ Scan Finish Button(favorite icon).
  • B (star icon) documents are saved permanently to Favorites. Documents marked as Favorites may be printed directly from the printer.
  • C (clock icon) printed documents.
  • All jobs printed by a user are stored for 7 days in the server and may be re-printed directly from the Printed card.
MyQ Scan Finish Button

Easy scan is used for user friendly and fast access to the most needed scanning options and allow one click scanning to user‘s

MyQ Scan Finish ButtonScan allows scanning to user’s folder or e-mail for storing scanned documents according to user’s Advanced setup settings.Select Destination address for scanning and press Scan.
MyQ Scan Start Button

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