Printing System FAQ
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Printing Memo 


1. Students activate the print/copy system with MyQ system voucher.

2. MyQ vouchers are sold in ISM library premises.

3. MyQ voucher must be activated in the MyQ system

Voucher activation instruction.


Frequently Asked Questions: 


1.What are the prices for printing? 

Answer: black/white print/copy of A4 format 0.15 LTL / 0.04 € ; color print/copy of A4 format 1.00 LTL / 0.29 €. One duplex (two sided) A4 format print/copy is considered equal to 2 A4 format copies.One print/copy of A3 format is considered equal to 2 A4 format copies. One duplex (two sided) A3 format print/copy is considered equal to 4 A4 format copies. 

2. Who should be contacted if the printer does not work?

Answer: If the printer does not work, you should contact the IT department.

3. I have lost my PIN code, what should I do?

Answer: Open web page .  Login in to the system with Your user name and password.

A new PIN will be generated after pressing PIN settings and will be sent to the user email.




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