Out of offiice
Posted by Aistė Bartoševičiūtė on 2022-02-10 16:05
When you open Outlook when you see FILE written in the left corner, click on that button, it opens the ACCOUNT INFORMATION window.
In the main window you see (automatic replies marked in red) you click where the arrow is.

The line marked in red is SEND AUTOMATIC REPLIES. In order to change the text, a black ball must be marked there.
Then if you put a specific time (marked with a red exclamation point) you choose the time you want out of office messages to be sent.
Inside my organization is marked below - you specify the text that your colleagues will receive. Outside my organization, you are writing the text you want external people to receive (may be identical text, but always check it).
After changing the texts, press the OK button at the bottom and a message will be sent to you from the specified date.

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