(Windows) How to connect to ISM network using Cisco Anyconnect client
Posted by Martynas Šavelis on 2022-10-14 16:35

Download and install


  1. Open your internet browser and enter URL: Https://


  1. Type your username and password (Username must be entered with prefix, and etc.)


  1. Download and install “AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client”

(For detailed instruction how to download and install it click on “Instructions”)




  1. Open “Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client” and type in server address:


  1. Change the settings as shown below
      3. Press Connect
      4. Type your username/password and click OK

(Username must be entered with prefix, and etc.)

 ( You will see a welcome message, press Accept )


You are now connected to ISM network.






  1. In your Taskbar click on “Show hidden items”.
  2. Right click on “Cisco any connect” icon.
  3. Select

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