Is it possible to pay in installments/postpone the payment term?
Posted by on 2022-01-11 13:20

* 100% of tuition fee to be paid by a degree student is postponed, if they have submitted a request for a state-supported loan. Degree students have to submit a request to postpone tuition fee payment deadline because of the different deadlines set by the state studies foundation. Such requests must be submitted following point 6.8.4 of the procedure of paying tuition fees at ISM University of Management and Economics.

* Payment in instalments is carried out in the following way: part of tuition fee (not less than 50% of tuition fee to be paid for the current semester) must be paid until the deadline indicated in the Invoice, and a request to postpone the rest of the tuition fee, stating the amount, number and frequency of payments to be made to clear the remaining amount in the Invoice, must be submitted.

* The request for deferral of part of the tuition fee is also valid for studies under a third party contract annex. 

* If the request to postpone tuition fee for longer period than 7 calendar days is granted –an Invoice will be issued for payment administration fee and sent to student via mail. Payment administration fee is not applied if the request was rejected.