Mobile printing application (MyQ)
Posted by Mantas Liustikas on 2023-03-07 15:22

What this app does:

Don't need PIN code to login to printer.
Credit Recharging.
Print from Email.
Print from your device internal storage.
Print from most cloud storages.
Job Management.
Native Android & iOS App.
QR Code Login.
Smartphone/Tablets Support.

To start using mobile printing application you need to download it from "Google Play store" for android OS devices.
Download this application from "Apple store" for iOS devices.

1. For android devices use this link or search "MyQ X Mobile Client

2. For Apple OS devices you can also search "MyQ X Mobile Client" or use this link to download it.

You will only be able to use this application with ISM wireless network (eduroam) with "mobile data" application will not work.

After Downloading and installing application you can manually enter server IP address as shown in picture or you can use "Scan QR code" option, go to any printer and scan QR code on top of it which will automatically add the server.

Make sure that you checked "Secure Connection" option and server port is 8090.

MyQ server

At the next screen enter you ISM username and password ( or is not required)

These printers are accessible for students:
MyQ-BW (For non colored printing)
MyQ_C (For colored printing)

1. Home (Shows list of last used printers and list of your pending print jobs)                                                           
2. Recharge Credit (You can recharge you credits with vouchers which you can buy at Library)
3. Jobs (Shows list of jobs that you have added for printing)
4. Printers (Show a list of available printers)
5. Print File (You can print a file directly form your device or cloud storage)
6. Unlock via QR Code (Allows to unlock printers with QR code)
7. Servers (Shows a list of active printing servers)

Before printing make sure that you are standing at the right printer.
To check that, look at the top of the printer and you will see a sticker with its name (102, 311, 307 etc.) and make sure that you selected same printer in your application.

To print your file or files do the folowing:
1. Open your "Jobs" from menu.
2. Select a job that you want to print.
3.Press on "more" with 3 dots.
4.Select "Print".
5.Press "Yes"