Admission to executive Master’s studies
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1. How is the level of the candidate’s English determined when admitting him / her to ISM Executive School?

After the documents for studies in the executive master’s studies are submitted, the time of a motivation interview shall be arranged. The interview shall take place together with the head of the first module chosen by you. Part of the interview will be conducted in English. The sessions take place in Lithuanian during these studies; however, most of the literature is in English; therefore, it is important to make sure that the future master’s degree student has sufficient knowledge of English to be able to read, master and prepare for the sessions by reading literature in English.


2. How many foreign experts are attracted to the studies?

 Since ISM is an international university, internationality is ensured by cooperating with the representatives of BI Norwegian Business School, the founder of ISM. Thus an individual expert appointed by BI supervises each module of executive studies.

A lecture involving a prominent foreign expert is organized during each module; a lecture concerning a topic relevant for business is given.


3. Is it possible to complete only one module and what document is issued after completion of the module?

 You can complete one module of your choice that is relevant to you. A certificate of completion of the module, 30 ECTS, is issued after successful completion thereof.


4. What is the size of the groups of students?

 The size of the groups of students varies from 20 to 40 persons.


5. How much practice and theory do your modules contain?

 Executive master’s studies are equally focused both on theoretical knowledge of the subject and on tackling practical business situations. Case analysis seminars during which real business situations are tackled and solutions are sought are especially useful for that.


6. What is the official language of the studies?

 We speak and communicate in Lithuanian during the sessions. Most of the reading and lecture material is presented in English. We also listen to the presentations of foreign experts once every six months.


7. What should we do if we want to study more than 3 modules?

 Master’s degree students may study all the modules offered if they wish so. However, after 3 modules of your choice are completed and the master’s thesis is defended, loyalty discounts are applicable to the studies of other modules.


8. What case analysis are used more – foreign or Lithuanian ones?

 Global business case situations are used; however, ISM was the first one in Lithuania to start developing a bank of Lithuanian case analysis. More and more Lithuanian executives are sharing their experience and presenting interesting and useful descriptions of business situations.


9. Are there any ISM lecturers who run their own business?

 Yes, within the frames of non-competition policy of ISM.


10. What profile students are welcome in these studies?

 An experienced, inquisitive and curious executive who is ready to share one’s knowledge.


11. Can I choose more than one module to study?

 One module is studied during one half of the year.


12. Are the executive master’s studies of ISM full-time? Can all students’ privileges be used?

 Yes, the executive master’s studies of ISM are full-time; master’s degree students can receive both Lithuanian and ISIC student’s certificate, use all privileges and declare the tuition fee they have paid at the end of the year.


13. Is there any sequence for choosing the modules?

 No, the sequence for choosing the modules is not regulated. The entrant is always welcome to consult which module one should choose as the first one in a specific situation on the current career stage.

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