Admission to Master’s studies
Posted by on 2015-08-12 14:35

Can funding be obtained for international master’s studies in ISM University of Management and Economics?

Yes, it can. We calculate competition score for all candidates and, based on it, candidates may receive state scholarships covering ~40 percent of the tuition fee. The graduates of bachelor’s studies of ISM also receive a 30 percent discount.


How is competition score calculated when entering International Master’s Studies in ISM?

The score is calculated taking into account the candidate’s motivation, evaluation of the essay, knowledge of English, average of the grades during the bachelor’s studies and additional points. You can find more information about the structure of the competition score here:


Is there any minimum competition score?

No, there is no minimum competition score when entering International Master’s Studies.


I am abroad; can a person authorized by me sign the contract with the higher school? Is a notarized power of attorney required?

Yes, the contract with the higher school can be signed by a notarized authorized person.


I have completed bachelor’s studies abroad; Can I enter ISM International Master’s Studies?

Yes, you can; however, you must address the Study Quality Assessment Centre ( beforehand and obtain a certificate confirming that the bachelor’s diploma obtained by you meets the requirements set for bachelor’s studies.


Must hard copies of documents be submitted when entering?

No, hard copies must not be submitted. All documents must be scanned or photographed and uploaded to the e-system after logging in.

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