Admission to bachelor's studies
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In what ways can studies in ISM University of Management and Economics be funded?

State study scholarship is funding of studies granted by the state to the students of non-state universities which can be obtained by those who graduate from schools with top grades. The amount of the study scholarship is EUR 1,248 per year.

ISM study scholarship (EUR 1,200 per year) is granted to the persons who are starting the first year of studies and who will study the whole bachelor’s study programme. The scholarship is granted taking into account the entrant’s motivation, average of annual grades or school examinations and active social activities while learning.

ISM 100 Talents Programme – the entrants whose competition score is 9.2 and higher are invited to study free of charge. This condition applies to the persons who have been granted the study scholarship (state funding of studies), are starting the first year of studies and who will study the whole bachelor’s study programme.

ISM incentive scholarship – ISM incentive scholarship is granted to active, distinguished young people from socially supported families and not only from them for the whole period of studies. The scholarship covers a part or the whole price of the studies. Social activities, achievements in national or international individual or team sports, art and cultural competitions and championships are taken into account when granting the scholarship. The persons who are starting the first year of studies and who will study the whole bachelor’s study programme may claim this scholarship.

State-supported study loans – the students of ISM can obtain all state-supported loans to cover the price of studies. More

Social scholarships – social scholarships for those who receive state funding and pay for studies by themselves as well as scholarships for disabled students. More information:

ISM and DNB bank partnership programme – the programme of DNB bank provides exceptional conditions of consumer credits intended to pay for studies or simply to purchase the items needed for studies to the students of ISM.


Can persons who have acquired secondary education in the institutions of foreign countries as well as foreigners of the emigration and of Lithuanian origin claim studies partially funded by the state and the ISM study scholarship?



How to complete the general admission application?

 An entrant can include up to 9 whishes, which may be supplemented or deleted and the sequence of which may be changed, and choose the form of studies and the method of funding in the application during the first stage of the general admission. If the application is amended several times, the last signed version of the amended application shall be valid. Since an entrant can receive one invitation to study in the university during the first stage this year, it is very important to complete the application correctly: the study programme which one desires the most is to be specified as the first wish and other wishes are to be ranked respectively by their importance as well as the study programme fields partially funded by the state (snf/sc) and paid studies (snf) must be arranged in the right order. The application will be examined from top to bottom stopping at that study programme to which the entrant receives an invitation to study and the application will not be examined further. It is noteworthy that no new wishes can be added or the method of funding cannot be changed during the second stage; it is possible to edit the sequence of the wishes specified in the application of the first stage only.


An entrant can receive only one invitation to study in ISM University on the 23rd of July until 3:00 p.m. – under the study programme not funded by the state plus a study scholarship (snf/sc) or under the study programme not funded by the state (snf).


I am abroad; can a person authorized by me sign the contract with the higher school? Is a notarized power of attorney required?

Yes, the contract with the higher school can be signed by a notarized authorized person.


What documents are needed when signing the contract with the higher school?

●     a personal identity card or passport;

●     2 photographs of the person;

●     a  matura attestation and an addendum thereof or other documents certifying basic education;

●     certificates / diplomas for which additional points are added during the entrance process;

●     a receipt of payment of the entrance fee.

Additional documents:

●     certificates concerning retaken or additional examinations;

●     a diploma and the supplement thereof if an entrant has graduated from a higher school or a college;

●     documents issued by the Study Quality Assessment Centre certifying at least secondary education or education equivalent to it acquired in the schools outside the Republic of Lithuania;

●     for the winners of I-III places in international or national Olympiads or competitions – documents proving that;

●     a document certifying the change of the surname if different surname appears on some documents.



What is the minimum competition score when entering bachelor’s studies in ISM in 2015?

The minimum competition score is 2 in 2015.


How early admission differs from the main one? What are the advantages thereof?

An entrant can reserve a study place in the university in advance when entering a university during the early admission. Other advantages of early admission:

- Not only your academic results but also your motivation is assessed during early admission.

- Exceptional conditions to obtain scholarships (scholarship of 100 Talents Programme, ISM study scholarship) are provided.

- The possibility to claim the ISM incentive scholarship (the scholarship is granted for active social activities) is provided.

- You will not face any competition from those who are entering during the main admission.

- The feeling of security and confidence while taking the state matura examinations.


What are job perspectives after graduating from studies in ISM?

Applicability of knowledge and graduates’ success in professional life is one of the most important objectives of ISM. One of the ways to assess the quality of studies is to see how the graduates’ of the university career is developing. The Career Centre of ISM observes the graduates’ career and performs research every year. The monitoring of the career after bachelor’s studies showed that 99% of the respondents are employed in line with their speciality, 60% of the graduates begin their career while studying, while 24% of the graduates run their own business.

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