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Attending online lectures
Posted by Mantas Liustikas on 2020-09-09 12:45
We strongly suggest that you download the app and always use it for online lectures.

If you are using computers at ISM campus you can find MS teams on your desktop. Just login to ISM computer with your credentials.

If you use your own computer and you don’t have MS teams, you can download it from here:

Open MS teams and write your ISM email address (

After that you will be redirected to ISM login site:

Enter your ISM email address ( and password.
These steps are only needed for the first time.

On the left you will see Teams icon and there you can find all your groups.

If professor have already started a lecture, you can easily join lecture by pressing join button.

Before joining don’t forget to switch off your microphone and webcam!

If you have any questions, just write an email

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Easier way to connect to university wifi (eduroam)
Posted by Mantas Liustikas on 2020-03-02 13:21

We would like to inform you that it is now a lot easier to connect to “eduroam” wifi network at ISM campus. (Those who already has working eduroam network and internet access don’t have to do anything.)

You don’t need to configure any profiles or anything just click connect on “eduroam” network and enter your login information which you use to connect to ISM webmail system, elearning system and etc.

Keep in mind that if you want to be able to connect to “eduroam” at any other university or school which has “eduroam” you have to enter your full username, it is the same as you ISM email address (i.e.

You will also get this warning message, do not ignore it and press connect.

P.S. Users that are using google DNS ip addresses and which allow access to, and all the other unlicensed and pirated media sharing platforms have to set their network adapter to automatically detect DNS ip addresses, otherwise you won’t be able to use internet at ISM campus.

If you have any problems connecting to wifi feel free to visit IT office at 306.

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Mobile printing application
Posted by Mantas Liustikas on 2019-01-09 10:56

What this app does:

Don't need PIN code to login to printer.
Credit Recharging.
Print from Email.
Print from your device internal storage.
Print from most cloud storages.
Job Management.
Native Android & iOS App.
QR Code Login.
Smartphone/Tablets Support.

To start using mobile printing application you need to download it from "Google Play store" for android OS devices.
Download this application from "Apple store" for iOS devices.

1. For android devices use this link or search "MyQ Mobile Printing

play store

2. For Apple OS devices you can also search "MyQ Mobile Printing" or use this link to download it.

You will only be able to use this application with ISM wireless network (eduroam) with "mobile data" application will not work.

After Downloading and installing application you can manually enter server IP address as shown in picture or you can use "Scan QR code" option, go to any printer and scan QR code on top of it which will automatically add the server.

Make sure that you checked "Secure Connection" option and server port is 8090.

MyQ server

At the next screen enter you ISM username and password ( or is not required)

These printers are accessible for students:

1. Home (Shows list of last used printers and list of your pending print jobs)                                                           
2. Recharge Credit (You can recharge you credits with vouchers which you can buy at Library)
3. Jobs (Shows list of jobs that you have added for printing)
4. Printers (Show a list of available printers)
5. Print File (You can print a file directly form your device or cloud storage)
6. Unlock via QR Code (Allows to unlock printers with QR code)
7. Servers (Shows a list of active printing servers)

Before printing make sure that you are standing at the right printer.
To check that, look at the top of the printer and you will see a sticker with its name (102, 311, 307 etc.) and make sure that you selected same printer in your application.

To print your file or files do the folowing:
1. Open your "Jobs" from menu.
2. Select a job that you want to print.
3.Press on "more" with 3 dots.
4.Select "Print".
5.Press "Yes" 

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Mieli studentai, norime jus informuoti, kad nuo 2015 m. liepos 21 d. pažymos užsakomos tik per puslapį. Kaip užsisakyti pažymas ieškokite pilname vartotojo vadove, kurį rasite prisijungę prie sistemos viršutiniame dešiniajame kampe.

Dear students, please be informed that starting 21 July 2015 the references should be requested using only webpage. How to order references, see the full user’s manual, which you'll find logged in the upper right corner.

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